iranchef academy Management’s resume

iranchef academy Management’s resume

Name & surname: Farhood ZAAFARI HASHJIN

My friends call me Farhad, my artistic name.

Some of the scientific, research and education activities of ICA management:

  • Managing director of Asia Better Tomorrow Consulting Co. – Iran Chef
  • Areas of operation: consultation, launching of hotel, restaurant, coffee-shop, fast-food, food-court, decoration and standardization, from 0 to 100, in Iran and abroad in compliance with the world latest standards, fully guaranteed
  • Founder and Managing director of Asia Better Tomorrow Consulting Co. – Iran Chef, center of training of hotel restaurant, Barista coffee-shop and culinary departments in Iran and abroad
  • PhD degree obtained from European Union in the field of teaching of hotel management and publisher of scientific articles
  • Managing director and founder of Sadaf chain coffee-shops, the first professional coffee-shop in Iran with 30 years of history
  • Director of department and professor in Sciences & Application Comprehensive University upon the teaching authorization issued by Ministry of Sciences, Research & Technology
  • Management doctorate degree obtained from Edmonton University- Canada in ASEA summit in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia
  • Special award of a everlasting figure of Iran management received from Iran Policy-making High Council
  • Management doctorate degree, medal and gold award obtained from Mikimoto University- Japan
  • Six honors degrees received from European and American universities as the top professor and firm in the field of hotel and restaurant departments training
  • Official representative of Canadian 5-star Academy in the Middle-East, having acquired 49% of the shares to hold hotel departments
  • International jury of food & beverage festivals in Iran and abroad
  • Having entered into an official agreement with College HM Faculty for holding of hotel training sub-courses and the Official representative thereof in Iran
  • Having executed an official MOU with a few credible universities and academies for holding of hotel departments specialized training courses
  • Having entered into an official MOU with Sunway University- Malaysia for holding of joint courses
  • Professor & searcher of AHLEI University- USA
  • Key-lecturer in Management World Congress and participation in ASEAN international summit as the Iranian representative
  • Member of Training Commission of Greater Tehran Coffee-shop Owners Union
  • Awarded as the outstanding Iranian entrepreneur and manager in the first International summit on management basics & techniques in 2017
  • Professor and trainer of Evin Hotel Janbazan Foundation Tourism & Hotel Institute since 1997
  • Professor and trainer of Ifachi Kar Institute (Hotel, culinary & coffee-shop) since 1993
  • Professor and trainer of Avay-e-Jalb-e-Sayyahan Institute (Hotel, culinary & coffee-shop) since 1996
  • عضو هیئت علمی و داور مسابقات گروه ملل برنامه دستپخت) در سال 1396
  • Academic member and jury of international group challenge in "Dast Pokht" TV show in 2017
  • Professor in I.R.I. Radio & TV, Education channel, Tehran channel, Jam-e-Jam channel 2 and Channel 3 and Professor & trainer from 1997 to 2007
  • Professor of Sciences & Application Comprehensive University in hotel departments in Sina University (Niavaran) Holder of hotel specialized management degree in Sunway- Malaysia, HELP, UPM- Berjaya, Mal;aysia Universities and several European credible institutes and centers
  • Awarded as the outstanding Iranian manager & entrepreneur in 2017
  • International jury of food & beverage festivals in Iran and abroad
  • Author of specialized books on culinary, restaurant management, Barista coffee-shop standard book, Diabetes cuisine book, restaurant management book and several other books
  • Setting up of standards with Research Department of Iran Technical & Vocational Organization (author) for the first time in Iran
  • Holding of training workshop and participation in Hotel fairs in Iran, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, UAE, Malaysia, etc.
  • Participation in scientific conferences in Social Sciences University and Faculty of Sciences & Technology of University of Tehran as the expert and lecturer of conference
  • Participation in tourism conferences as the expert and lecturer of training workshops in Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Sarein, Kish, Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey and Malaysia
  • Setting up and preparing the first World Culinary Oath (November 2009) for the first time in the world ongoing registration with UNESCO
  • Professor and trainer during the holding of the first Islamic Summit in Tehran
  • Participation in the World Management International Summit, invited as the lecturer by Aydin University- Turkey
  • Agreement executed with City Cook School- Istanbul for teaching as the trainer
  • MOU executed with SOLVED GmbH Co., a German employment & immigration company for dispatch of cook, coffee-shop & ceremonies personnel after having passed such courses as stated in IC Academy.